Peter Rathmann

As president of SalesTechnik, Peter has more than 25 years of sales leadership experience and has hired, trained, and coached sales teams across multiple industries including manufacturing, beverage, hospitality, benefits, professional services, and non-profits. He has spent more than 12 of those years developing sales forces, sales systems, sales processes, and integrating the sales function throughout the organizations he has worked for.

Peter is known for being resourceful, ethical and having a philosophical approach to solving problems, creating business, developing innovative sales tactics, and constantly coaching employees to consistently exceed expectations.

Peter’s expertise is not only in partnering with organizations to help them streamline their sales force and optimize their sales capacity, but also working within the organizations to help them become market-oriented, thus increasing customer retention and selling opportunities while utilizing current resources.

Peter is dedicated to mentoring individuals, organizations, and companies to focus their growth efforts and increase their opportunities in the markets they serve. Peter helps you identify your ideal client profiles, develop specific and targeted offerings, create a marketing attack plan, and help you convert opportunities into clients using best practice for sales funnel metrics and opportunity management.

Peter works with start up entrepreneurs, newly acquired or inherited businesses and existing businesses that want to grow but do not have the knowledge to navigate the market place on their own. He works through hands on approach that leaves clients with a sustainable selling effort that ensures sales growth for the future.

Peter earned an MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management and a bacherlor's degree from Caroll College (now University).

In addition to his work with Sales Technik, Peter is a professor of Business to Business Marketing at Carroll University in Waukesha and a professor of Entrepreneurism at Waukesha County Technical College.